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We provide Malaysia

Traditional Crispy Snack include 
Crispy Fish, Crispy Prawn, and others

means offering customers

an authentic taste experience.

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We are Lekor Bites


The absence of Traditional snack from shopping malls and other established places meant that Malaysians were unable to relish its authentic and consistent flavor.

Lekor Bites however, had a vision to transform these traditional snacks into a fine Malaysian delicacy that could be enjoyed by everyone.

Founded since 2021, Reach RM 1 Million Total Revenue in first 8 months. In 2022, we entered offline market and set up own production factory. We also exported to international market such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Why Lekor Bites


To be the a world' s best Malaysian traditional snacks


We enhance the quality of Malaysian Traditional Snacks and build up a high end modern viral snacks brand.

Our Factory and

Production Line

Our Certification

Malaysia Food Safety
(MESTI) Certification

The Mesti certification guarantees that our products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, meeting the stringent requirements set by Malaysian authorities.

Malaysia (JAKIM) (HALAL) Certification

Ensuring our snacks meet the highest Halal standards, we cater to a diverse audience, providing a delightful treat that aligns with cultural and dietary preferences.

Made in Malaysia (BUATAN MALAYSIA) Certification

Embracing the essence of Malaysia, our snacks proudly carry the Buatan Malaysia certification, signifying their origin and the use of local, quality ingredients.

Influencer Recommendation



Xiao Hong Shu

Local Market

We listed in over 300++ Supermarket and Bar

AND also restaurant and cafe

Customer Review

Preferred+ Shopee Seller with high ratings

97% positive ratings in Lazada store

International Market

China Market

The 20th China-ASEAN EXPO


Hong Kong Market

Singapore Market

TaiWan Market

Still have questions?

How long is the shelf life?

Our snacks is freshly made every week and can be stored for 18 months. Once opened, it's best consumed within 3 months for the optimal taste.

Can I mix and match products and flavors in my order?

Certainly, you can mix and match products and flavors. Just let us know your preferences when placing your order.

Do you provide delivery services?
Yes, we offer delivery services. You can place order and inform us your preferred delivery date and address.

Can I pick up the order myself?
Self-pickup location: Lekor Bites Sdn.Bhd
Address: Latitude 5, Jalan Subang 7, Taman Perindustrian Subang, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

What should I do if I receive wrong / damage item in my order?

A: If you receive the wrong / damage item, please contact our customer support immediately. We will arrange for the correct item to be sent and guide you on returning the incorrect one.

Can I take the products separately?

Yes, you can make the payment and take the product separately. Just need to inform our customer service team.

How can I provide feedback on my shopping experience?

We welcome your feedback! You can contact our customer support team to share your thoughts and suggestions.